I have a MySpace account. Not sure why exactly. But, I have had it for awhile and not done anything with it. Today I added some friends and joined some peace action/spiritual groups.

I just got a friend request for an amazing organization called PeaceQuestLA. I have already offered my volunteer time. *l*


They have a project called Peace House. That’s what I want to help with.

Here is a description:

Peace Quest, a non-profit organization, seeks to bring people together regardless of race, creed, color, economic status, or gender. We strive to foster understanding that all people are important, all people have problems and the only way to the beauty of the human spirit is through communication.

My name is Deirdre Smith, director/producer of Peace Quest, Inc. As an African American woman, I know how painful and confusing it was growing up in America at the end of the 20th Century. It was and still is a war zone that takes many prisoners and allows too many children to die, regardless of age, race, creed, color, economic status, or gender.

It is time to change this country into the sweet land of liberty that it should be. In April, 1995, I put together a group of fifteen multicultural, multi-ethnic experienced actors to develop a weapon to fight back. This weapon doesn’t shoot to kill, but aims to show everyone how precious all life is. The weapon is an emotionally powerful play, “Dear Child,” that deals with social change focusing on RACISM, SEXISM, and VIOLENCE. Today, the cast makes up the staff of Peace Quest Inc.

We added yet another facet to our grassroots endeavor, Peace House. Peace House is an arts educational facility. Classes will include: screen writing, spoken word writing & performance, theater, voice, dance including ballet, jazz & hip hop, gymnastics & Teen Chat- a class that focuses on building self-esteem for elementary aged children, pre-teens & teenagers. We will also have a mentor/tutoring program. The more advanced classes will culminate with live performances.


If she contacts me, I AM SO THERE!


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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    woohooo AWESOME! I have a MySpace account too, under ravyne_hawke (what else? lol)

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