My original plan for Halloween weekend was to be in a really fun southern town in a state that starts with an “L”. What happened to my plans you ask? Her name is Katrina.

For over a year a friend and I planned a trip to New Orleans for Halloween. What better place to be then one of the most haunted and magical places in the US. I love that city. I’ve been twice and it was fantastic both times.

I even had a special reservation with a hotel I have done business with. You know…special…as is complimentary.

The hotel we were going to saty in, the Monteleone, is still standing and fine. But, there is too much devastation for words. I can’t imagine what it would be liek to go there. especially with all the newly dead.

I am VERY dissapointed that this trip is not happening. And, I send my blessings to each and every New Orleanian who can’t be home this weekend.

I have considered mocving to NOLA in the past. Phew!

So, instead of hanging out with vampires and ghouls in N.O., I am heading out on Hallowwen night to try something new. I made a cool friend (actually a few) on craigslist and we are heading to the Glass House in Pamona to see a punk band called “Horrorpops”. Their music was in that cheerleading movie “Bring it On”. They are a good punk band. I don’t usually go to punk shows. I did when I was a teen, but none of my current friends are into such things.

I’m going to work on my costume today. I am working with things I have around my house. I am going for a dark goth fairy look. I’ll post the pictures to my livejournal on Tuesday.

I also do a Dia De Los Muertos Post.

Happy Halloween.

What are your Halloween plans?


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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Nothing too special going on here. I will hand out candy to the kids (since it usually happens fairly early in the evening here). Then I will probably do a solitary ritual to honor all who have passed away from my life, discard all of the bad, negative things from the past year and encourage good things to come into my life (something I do every year). I’ve also had a request from a friend back in Virginia to direct good energy his way for the upcoming year. And after that, I will go out and leave apples for the dead in various places surrounding my home(something I do every year too).

    • ravyne_hawke says:

      Oh, I should have added that it is my anniversary that day too, but hubby may not make it home until the day after 🙁

      • B.E.M. says:

        Bummer Deal

        aw man. that sucks.

        Your rituals sound nice. I will focus my morning and evening devotions to those who have passed. It usually is my brother, as he visits me.

  2. I am sorry you couldn’t make your trip hun.

    • B.E.M. says:

      New Orleans

      Well, I think i will do a special blessing on Halloween for the dead of NO. It’s such a special city.

      you doing ok?

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