Between the stuff with family, joblessness, transportation isolation, the weather and other ancillary wants and needs, I have gone into this years fall meloncholy.

I’m not sad. I have been retreating into my head and need to come out and play.

Every Monday I have to kick start my job search. It helps that the WYSE event meeting happens every Monday evening via conference call. It motivates me.

I was reading some reports at RAND’s website on Adolescent Health and I am longing to be back in the mix. I want to be creating, learning and offering my skills to a local group of teens. I really want to do some work in my immediate area. There is so little going on here. It’s all happening in South Central, East LA and Hollywood. Don’t these folks know teens here are at risk too? ahhhh Suburban denial.

I also need to go back to school. I am looking into starting up at Cal State Dominguez in the Spring. It is so close by and inexpensive for residents. I know that if I am back in the education environment I will be exposed to the latest research, the most progressive work, and this schol is within 8 miles of me. That means the chnace to do work in THIS area as part of the classes.

The transportation thing is getting me again today/this week. There are some autumn events in areas I can’t take buses to and I wanna ago. *pout*

Halloween weekend will be fun though. I am heading out with friends and then the following week I am taking my son to a play in Hollywood of Edward Gorey stories. My mom bought the tix. woohoo! He has recently become ibnterested in Gorey and I hope this gives him some interest in theater as well.

He and Annie, his girlfriend, were hanging out here last night. It is very sweet to see them together.

 Makes a girl want some affection and companionship of her own. Someone recently said to me, “As you know, the fruits of patience are sweeter” He is so right. Fruits nearly ripe enough I’d say. heh

Enough about that. *smirk*

Back to J&A. What would I do if I soon found out that they had taken thing further? Good question. Time for another talk with the boy, me thinks. I really do trust his ethics and her resolve. She is in charge. It’s pretty clear.

Some of my favorite people on Earth are coming over for a nice dinner and wine by the fireplace next weekend. It will be the first use of the fireplace, so I hope I don’t smoke out the place.
I think the flu(sic) is open, but I will make sure all is well before that night. I have rearranged the livingroom and am starting to put up the pictures we have around the house.

It’s time to open the house up to friends. I think this will make it feel even more cozy. I really do love our house. We are blessed.

I downloaded 4 free yoga videos today. I am going to start doing yoga each morning so I can get back in touch spiritually. I ahve been starting my day with TV, and I think it is mushing up my brain and making me complacent.

I’m off to job search now.

Here’s to new friends (platonic and otherwise), a new job to help me feel fullfilled and $$, to the calmness of fall, to the propect of going back to Mass. for the holidays, to my sons happiness, to this great CD(Lorenna McKennet).

Blessings to  the amazing contributions that Rosa Parks made to our world and our souls, to the 2005 young people killed (to date) in IRAQ.

Peace and blessings all.


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  1. arian_diana says:

    I got all teary eyed last night when I learned that Rosa Parks had died. Didn’t realize that I felt so strongly about the woman.

  2. neat_rox says:

    Cheer up, sweetie! I know that I always seem to get moody once the cold weather sets in around here. Being in California, though, you aren’t quite that cold compared to me! But it sounds like you have a lot to worry about and no outlet. Yoga might help you feel more centered and focused. I keep telling myself to get back to my exercise program so that my moodiness will improve, but what I was going to start yesterday was hindered by this damn chest cold.

    I just got done repainting my living room and did a bit of rearranging as well. Something about the warm “Creamy Chocolate” color just makes the room feel so good. I hope your rearranging has made you feel better as well.

    Good luck with your son and his girlfriend. I am not there yet–probably Eric won’t be thinking of girls in “that way” for another 2-3 years, but I just dread trying to handle that whole situation. It sounds like the kids are sweet together, but close.

    Take care and good luck with the job hunting. I don’t envy you. Next year when my baby goes to Kindergarten, I’ll be looking to go back into the workforce. I’ve been home now for 8 years and am really nervous about trying to find a decent job. Luckily, I do have a husband that makes a decent income but we haven’t been able to have any of those luxuries since the kids were born. But then again, before kids was college and we were dirt poor then.

    Anyway, I rambled on. *toasts with you*

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