I need to learn spanish right quick.

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  1. neat_rox says:

    Living in this state with a large Hispanic culture, I think I’m going to be told to learn spanish when I try to find a job next year. I know Cali has a similar culture. There are many good CD courses out there on Amazon.com. I bought a German course through them when I wanted to review the German I learned in high school but forgot nearly everything. I’m only on Lesson 3 after a few months, but it is fun.

    My sons know more Spanish than I do–Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon as well as a program in the classrooms!

    • Al fin!

      Aunque nunca he visto la antigua colonia romana de Hispania, hablo castellano y si quieres te puedo ayudar. Pero haz dicho lo mismo muchas veces antes y nunca te pones las pilas.

      • neat_rox says:

        Re: Al fin!

        Well, now, I can’t comment since I have no clue except possibly “….visit the antique colony Roman of Spain, speak…..much…….”

        That’s it. All I guess.

        • B.E.M. says:


          I know what he said. I figured most of it out, then put it into babelfish and it turned out hilarious. :~p

          The funny part was…

          “,,,this often before and you never put the batteries.”

          gotta love idioms.

      • B.E.M. says:

        I cheated!

        Sé. Sé. Pero, significo que tengo menos distrations este vez y necesito hacer esto para conseguir un trabajo.

        Deseo su ayuda. *besos*

        Era más de un comentario en futilidad, pero realmente debo hacerla. Pero, no pare el hablar yo en inglés. ¿Por favor?

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