ravyne_hawke borrowed this and I borrowed it from  her. funny stuff!

Tatyana needs to speak with the partnership representative at the Institute to determine if it would be possible to provide her with access to a faster computer.

Tatyana needs help logging in to Novell and Windows.

Tatyana needs help. (bwahahahahaha)

First off, Tatyana needs a blog. No one with as many opinions as she has should be without one. (soooo true!)

Tatyana needs feeding

“Tatyana needs to speak to you.”

Have a go and find the cheapest, discount Tatyana imaginable! So come buy with Bid On Auctions for all your Tatyana needs. *rofl*

The rest were porn sites. My name is a popular porn star name!

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  1. Socio-cultural aspects of patient care: Cathy needs a wheelchair.

    Cathy needs to Pee

    Cathy needs to focus on every question to get her 90 percent

    Cathy needs to punch up her strip with poop and pedophile jokes

    Cathy needs to stay single. (too late. *LMAO*)

    Cathy needs donations of sandwiches (mmm…Panera sammiches preferrably)

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