High school project considered potential threat to Bush

Associated Press

A high school student’s class project on freedoms in the U.S. attracted Secret Service agents to his school this week.

The agents visited Currituck County High School Tuesday after receiving a report that a student had created potentially threatening photographs of President Bush.

Sandy Kinzel, a school spokeswoman, said the Secret Service questioned the student about a photograph he had taken for a class project on freedoms. In the student’s photograph, a photograph of Bush is shown fastened to a wall with a thumbtack. Over the picture of Bush is a “thumbs-down” sign. The thumbtack in the photo was apparently placed somewhere on Bush’s head, Kinzel said.

Concerned that the thumbtack might represent a potential threat to the president, the company that developed the student’s film notified authorities.

The student was not at school Tuesday, but agents talked to the student and the student’s parents, officials said.

The Secret Service closed its investigation after learning that the photo was nothing more than a creation for a class project, said Jim Henry, a Secret Service agent based in Raleigh. He said no charges will be filed in the case.

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