I am making a quiz about ethic/racial identity:

What box(es) do you check off on census forms or applications? Other, African American, Native American, White, Not Applicable, Multi-racial, Refuse to Say

Do you feel frustrated by having so few choices? YES!

What choices would you like to see offered? Fill in the blank.

What is you ethnic heritage? African American and Cherokee father with a Scottish Great Great Grandfather, Irish/English/Scandanavian Mother

How do you SELF IDENTIFY? multi-ethnic (race is a false construct)

Have you ever been told you SHOULD choose another “label” for yourself? Yes. The FU$Kheads!

Could you PASS for white? Yes.

Have you ever been told you should not tell people you heritage so you can get furthur in life? Yes. The FU$Kheads!

Are you as pissed off as I am? *steam*

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