I woke up and turned on Good Morning America which I usually do on Mondays to catch up on what’s going on.

1st, I saw footage of some of the children in Islamabad who los their families. That was very sad. Knowing that 20,000 are already confirmed dead, and they are just starting the search.

Then, they start talking about a beating that occured in New Orleans French Quarter. A 64 yr. old black man was walking about drunk and three cops arrested him for “public intoxication”….before I go further…this is the FRENCH QUARTER and NOW they start arresting folks for public drinking? WTF?….

So, a resporter and producer were nearby with a camera and a policeman on horseback was trying to block the camera, but they got the scene on film.

Two of the white officers held the man while a third white officer pulverized this mans face. Then a fourth man, not in uniform, joined in. They continued to twist his body, punch him and toss him about like a rag doll. He is hospitalized with cranial injuries and his blood was everwhere.

The police officers have been suspended.

More tears.

I should have stayed asleep til the news was over. :{

This week is the beginning of a  Hindu celebration of the Godsess. As in most goddess mother archetypes, she(in her many forms) is the creator and the destroyer. ‘nuf said.

Navaratri and Dassera
Navaratri and Dassera are also long festivals celebrated over a period of ten days. The first nine days constitute the Navaratri festival. Navaratri itself means nine nights (Nava = nine, ratri = night).The term “Dassera” or “Vijayadashmi” which is the last and tenth day are derived from the word for number ten i.e. Das (in Hindi) or Dasha (in Sanskrit).

Navaratri is Dedicated to the Mother-Goddess
This festival is devoted to the Mother Goddess known variously as Durga, Kali, Bhavani, Amba, Chandika, etc. This festival is celebrated in different ways in different parts of India. The western India (Gujarat and Rajasthan) throughout the nine days, both men and women participate in a dance in which they go in circles around an object of worship. This dance style is a very popular one during this festival. The dances start after 10 p.m. and many a times they continue up to the small hours of the morning. In eastern India (especially in Bengal) this festival is the principal festival and is celebrated with gaiety and devotion through public ceremonies (Sarvajanik of Sarbojanin Durga Puja). For these ceremonies Pundals (temporary public booths) are erected. The ceremonies are conducted amidst grand prayers and mass feeding.


I wanna be there instead.

2 Comments on Sadness this week and celebration of the Goddess.

  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    After so much saddness, the Hindu festival sounds divine 🙂

  2. arian_diana says:

    I read about the beating this morning. Somehow I missed that it was the French Quarter.
    I am absolutely disgusted with what happened. There was no reason for it at all. I just hope the guy is going to be ok.

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