Our mailpeople usually come at 5:30PM, which is just WRONG! But, today they surprised me. I was not feeling 100% and needed agua, so I went downstairs and got a cold glass and went to my papasan in the livingroom to rest.

It was almost 3PM. I hear someone outside my window and get concerned. Who is here? My son is not home. Who is coming…bill collectors? the IRS?

Phew! It was a REAL mailman. You see, we live three blocks from the main post office and they use us as a “test route” for newbies. Although I am sure they are nice people, they seem a tad less committed than the pros.

We had a Pro today, complete with cool blue shorts and a white pith helmet. :}

and………..I got a package from ravyne_hawke . yay!

Thank you for the book and stuff. ;} I loved reading the letter(s) and have tons to reply. Also, I LOVE to talk about politics, so get ready! *LOL*


It’s been many many years since I have received paper letters.


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  1. ravyne_hawke says:

    Yay!!! I am so glad the package got there 🙂 Enjoy! Looking forward to your reply letter.

  2. I miss paper mail! Our mail carrier eats our mail…we haven’t gotten a phone or cable bill in months. Jerks. *lol*

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