Whatever you think of John Kerry, he and his folks are a great source of information:

Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-West Virginia)

There are two ways to incur the wrath of the Bush administration. One is to insist that the administration abide by the Constitution. The other is to ask tough questions about Bush policies. Senator Robert C. Byrd has done both as one of the Senate’s most powerful and authoritative voices. As a result, the Republican Party political machine would like nothing better than to defeat him next November. Senator Byrd is an indispensable leader in the U.S. Senate. He has fought hard for the people of West Virginia and for the principles at the heart of our democracy. At a time in our nation’s history when the executive branch is trying to expand its authority and one political party controls two branches of government, Senator Byrd has stood up for the Constitution and the Founding Fathers’ vision of separation of powers. Now, it’s time for us to stand up for him. 

Senator Bill Nelson (D-Florida)

Remember Katherine Harris and the role she played in the 2000 Florida vote fiasco? Well, she’s one of the GOP candidates who would like nothing better than to drive Senator Bill Nelson out of office. So, we have two priorities in this Senate race – making sure a strong Democratic Senator gets re-elected – and making certain a Republican candidate doesn’t use her role in disrupting the democratic process as a stepping stone to higher office.

You can help put Florida in the winning Democratic column by providing immediate support to Senator Nelson. Whether it’s stopping oil drilling off Florida’s coast, preserving Social Security, or protecting our personal privacy from the intrusion of government, Bill Nelson is fighting for Florida. He has a long record of taking on powerful interests – from insurance companies to oil companies to the big banks, and he is a strong advocate for the protection of voters’ rights in Florida and around the nation. He’s a tough senator heading into a tough campaign.

Claire McCaskill (Missouri challenger)

Claire McCaskill is challenging incumbent Republican Jim Talent to re-capture the seat that was narrowly lost during a special election in 2002, and the race is currently deadlocked. Her victory could help narrow the GOP’s advantage and add another powerful Democratic female voice to the Senate. She’s already won statewide in Missouri – twice! Claire has deep rural roots and a genuine understanding of the challenges facing Missouri families. She’s been a legislator, a prosecutor and a State Auditor and, in the words of the Kansas City Star, she has been “exceptional in every office she’s held.” [Editorial Board, 10/24/04] Claire has promised voters that if they send her to Washington she will clean up the mess that Republicans have created for working families and help make common sense the order of the day. 

Jim Pederson (Arizona challenger)

Jim Pederson is challenging Republican incumbent Senator Jon Kyl. Senator Kyl has been Example A of a strict conservative who continues to put partisan politics ahead of Arizona families. The Arizona tradition is one of independence, of putting the well-being of people ahead of party, ahead of ideology, ahead of big campaign money, and Jim Pederson will make sure that he brings this tradition with him to Washington. As one of the leading Senate challengers in the country, Jim is running a strong campaign built around common sense solutions to immigration reform, increased national security, and greater access to quality education and health care. 

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