I went out and about in the LJ universe today looking for new LJ buddies. I mostly found a lot of 14 year olds that want to chit chat about boys. ugh!

I found a couple of great 30+ communities and something else pretty interesting:

I did a search for people who had the interest:  MONKEYS. AS most of you know I love monkeys, I was born in the year of the monkey, I am monkeygirl and I have over 20 stuffed monkeys and 50 plastic drink monkeys (I did not drink all of those drinks alone).

What I found was 164 people in California who list monkeys as an interest. 34 who have posted in the last 30 days. PLUS, when I began reading their journals and looking at their interests a large percentage of them were into gaming, pirates, renn faire and similar political leanings as me.

Have I just stumbled upon a sub culture that has been underground?

Are people who like pirates and gaming more likely to like monkeys? Or is it that we are just more willing to admit to the monkey fetish, So tO SpEEK!?

curious monkey

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  1. heymonkey says:

    pirate monkey!

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