Worked an actual job and got paid last week.

Now I am back to the volunteering.

One of my patients died last Saturday. Sweet lady. Held her hand for a long time.

My new patient has AIDS. I think this one is the reason for my being drawn to hospice. I knew he would be the one. Can’t explain it. Told someone my patient would be a man with AIDS about 4 weeks ago.

Just watched the movie Closer. I am a bit sad. It affected me in a strange way. But, I am glad I watched it.

I ended my Netflix membership and have to ship this movie back asap before they arrest me. :p

Went to a great Opera concert on Monday and watched my roomate sing her tail off. Was very nice.

An amazing friend took me out for Spanish food last night. 4 of us women went. we have a standing date once a month. Next Month a tea house in South Central. my choice.

Going to see a friends play on Friday night. Yay Josh!

Someone is treating me to a nice getaway in a warm place where there is a lot of great wine. It’s a birthday gift. It’s this weekend.

Life is good!

Had another friend who I lost touch with contact me this week. She lives in Tucson now. I think I am going to have to go visit! I am very happy about this person coming back into my life.

I miss my son. They have not called me in over a week. :{

I was “40 Year Old Virgin” today. It was cute and the last scene slayed me. haha 

This homemade chocolate chip cookie is delicious. yummmm


The EYES have it…

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