Since I have been volunteering in downtown LA, I have had the pleasure of walking around the mean streets of the city and taking in all of the sites and sounds that are LA.

Not the LA you see in most movies. no!

The LA I am talking about is the one:

Where people use corners as toilets and it seems that beer is used to cover the small.

Where men say thing like “Good Morning America” when a curly headed gal walks past in her Levis. I smailed…it wasn’t offensive. I won’t tell you what else was said. eek!

Where a sausage wrapped in bacon only cost $1.50 at a street cart. They are tasty.

Where a bible carrying couple yell(literally yell) random scripture-like things. Not bible quotes, but sound bites and end of days hysteria.

OK that could sound judgmental on my part, but they were saying that the world is ending tomorrow, or next week and each second is uncertain and we should repent or die in flames.

Where a mother of two small choldren with her months earning spent on household items from Big Lots stands on the corner waiting for her ride home for 5 hours. Seriously, she was there when I went for a snack at 11AM and there when I left for home at 4:20PM. I wonder whether she was picked up before dark? The corner she was on IS NOT SAFE after dark.

Where you can buy a ball gown skirt for $1.99 and get counterfit money back as change for your $20.

Where you can buy ‘Sketchers’ sneakers for $6.99. They are genuine…genuine…um..thye are real..like when you touch them there is a shoe there, not just a hologram.

Where that attractive woman on the corner is a call girl waiting to be picked up. Or a call guy. It was unclear.

Where the number of people drinking from bottles wrapped in a paper bag out numbers those drinking lemonade on a hot day.

Where the realities of life hit one in the face.

Most of us live in suburban or rural areas where this stuff does exist but there is a vaneer over it. Some folks are NEVER exposed to this.

It got me thinking about whether I am city person or whether I prefer the suburbs. I think I am neither. I am happiset in the middle of the woods, on some mountain somewhere, by a quiet lake, camping on Catalina island.

I thought about how blessed I am to be able to enjoy these things. I do not take that for granted. For some of the people in the inner city, these things are worlds away or non existant.
Can you imagine living 30 minutes from the ocean and not  EVER seeing it? Can you imagine living 30 minutes from a beautiful waterfall and not knowing it’s there, no less ever standing in it’s spray on a hot day?

Never seeing the Grand Canyon?
Never seeing the Roman Bath’s in England?
Never riding a horse?
Never wiggling your toes in the sand at a beach?
Never being in place like the mesas in Utah where the silence is overwhelming?
Never having a rabit hop across your path?
Never seeing the sun set over a field of wine grapes?


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