It’s been clear to me that even with Mercury in Retrograde I am being bombarded with connections with people this week to help me feel part of the real world, so I don’t hibernate my way into insanity.

A high school friend emailed me and we are back in touch. He says I have not aged a bit. He is either nuts or that brown water I drank in Orlando was from the fountain of youth. :p

I have been chatting with a friend I lost touch with 6 years ago, when I moved to California. I only found him due to my old online chat handle. I used to chat a lot online, but wasn’t doing that for a couple of years. I logged on and there he was. Another friend from Canada as well. 7 years for him.

I have also met some perfect strangers online the last few days. One, in England, who does EXACTLY what I have done in my work with teens and started his own business. He is only 32. It was inspiring. What are the chances of someone who just says hello having so much in common with you?

There have been issues with things getting in the way of things I try to do, but persistence has been helping with that.

The manager of the hospice volunteer program I am part of is an amazing woman. I found the volunteer opportunity when I was bored the other day and looking for something to keep me busy. But, I had my second part of the orientation this afternoon and she and I have really connected. She is about 60, like my mom, and so sweet and funny. We even have spiritual backgrounds in common. She has explored Buddhism (same type) like me when she was young, and we talked about our astrological signs and our charts. We did the orientation too, it’s just that there was so much more to talk about.

Just glad that 2 weeks after losing my job I am just as happy, and much less stressed.

I am very blessed and very lucky. Oh, and the Angel card I pulled today at the hospice office was NEW BEGININGS. nice eh?

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