Where was I?

sooooo…musically I am in a country mood apparently…

I am also volunteering for a hospice agency called VITAS. It was started in the 60’s as a grass roots org. and developed with the hospice movement. What is hospice? It is a team of people who care for someone who only has 6 mos. or less to live. AIDS, cancer, etc. Children to elderly.

If you know me well, you know how easily I cry.  But I have done hospice care before and it only makes me stronger and I only cry when they pass on. I have a lot of time and a lot of compassion for others. This is a perfect thing for me to do.

I’ll be visiting a patient 3 times a month to be a friend, listen, laugh, go for walks, etc. You know…all of the stuff we all need everyday and that doesn’t end just because we are dying.  I am looking forward to it.

JULIAN: Julian is doing ok. He missed 4 days of summer school and has been dropped. Due to that mess up, he won’t be able to go to Redondo High since we moved to Torrance. Torrance High is an ok school. It’s the school that they used in Beverly Hills 90210. Sorry to burst the Hollywood bubble, but it ISN’T in Beverly Hills. :p

It is actually 6 blocks from our new house.

I won’t bore all of you with news about the new house. You should know by now. Email me if you want the link to the pictures. We have a fireplace! woohoo!
Back to Julian: He had a run in with a chain across a path while on his skateboard and flipped in the air landing on his shoulder and side of his head. We spent 5 hours at the County Hospital
and his head is fine. But, he broke his collarbone. Luckily that bone heals well on it’s own 90% of the time and he is wearing a figure 8 bandage to help it stay put. It’s is his first broken bone. He asked if I have ever broken a bone. I haven’t, but I did sprain my middle finger when I was 5. What do you do when the doctor asks you to show him which finder hurts. eek!

This weekend I am going to see Shakespeare By the Sea do Othello at Wilson Park about 6 blocks from home. I absolutely love Shakespeare and I am excited to see Othello. I have never seen it performed live. And for FREE too! I’m fixing a picnic for myself and roomie. Should be a nice night., but a bit cool since it is only about 77 right now.

I promise to do weekly updates or maybe even more since I have more free time.

Maybe I’ll even post random stuff like everyone else does on their blogs. *L*

Hope all is well!

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