Greetings earthlings!

So, why has Tatyanna been so quiet lately? I guess I should not be amazed when one of you comments on my LiveJournal being quiet. If I ask you to check back to see what is going on with me, I SHOULD say something, eh? :~p

I will post some pictures soon for those of you who have not seen me or Julian for quite some time. This takes time because I am the only tech savvy chic who has no digital camera. What is wrong with me?

Here is the update:

I did not start UofP as I promised. It has been delayed due to an outbreak of reality all over my life. I will start at UofP in July/August.

After a year, I am finally hiking again, thanks to the discovery of Exercise .  It is a great site where one can search for local folks who are interested in the same type of activity you are and get together to be exercise buddies. I have found a fantastic exercise buddy who lives in Redondo Beach like I do, she is a couple of years older than me, and a lot of fun to talk to and hang out with. Originally, when I signed up I allowed for male and female ‘friends’.  Well, I am usually VERY comfortable meeting and hanging out with men as friends, but…when a guy sent me a message offering to pick me up(one issue is no car) and go hiking with me I got suspicious. I wonder where this reaction has come from in me? I have always had male friends, but those friendships have developed organically and something about the internet, and this guy’s quite minimal profile, made me nervous.

I guess what I need to do is meet any male hiking buddies in a group before I have them pick me up in their car and bring me to a remote hiking spot in the mountains. Don’t ya think?

Travel stuff:

In January I traveled to Washington, DC to coordinate a conference for IRWA(my job). I got to go in 2 days early and stay over at the end. I visited with friends and my mother came down during the week. I went to the and the .

The Spy Museum was really interesting and a lot of fun. Spent 3 or 4 hours in there. It is a very large museum for its type. It was VERY VERY cold that day and the wind made it painful to do much more sight seeing.

The American Indian Museum is a museum of ‘living cultures’. The intent is to highlight the fact that Am. Indian cultures are not artifacts and not all the same. It was beautiful, heartwarming & tremendously informative. Of course, the discussion of politics surrounding the treatment of these communities as a whole, as small groups and as individuals were intense and should be seen and heard by everyone. I highly recommend this museum to anyone who will be visiting DC.

I did not get to go to the Holocaust Museum, but with this trips mood it just wasn’t the right time.

DC was snowy, slushy, cold and great! In the past, I had a dubious opinion of this city. My thinking has been swayed by the history and beauty of this amazing city. The restaurants are quite nice as well. Yummy!

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