• Start University of Phoenix Online on Jan. 6, 2005.  Need the brain stimulation!
  • Traveling back East for work in Jan. and get to see my mom and close friend who is there for a while. I miss them both and can’t wait to see them!
  • Spending New Years Eve at Disneyland with my roomie. Woohoo!
  • So busy at work that I almost can’t believe it’s this time of year. Isn’t it supposed to slow down? hmmm.
  • Trying to reconnect with friends and family. The family part is hard. Anyone have any advice on what to say to ones dad after 5 years of virtual silence?
  • My son, Julian,  is 14 and he lets me know it daily. He is quite independent  and adventurous. I think he is going to go to Vermont this summer to check out my uncle’s business building and designing houses. Julian is taking drafting and construction in 9th grade and loves it. He is also doing VERY well in math. Architect? Maybe.
  • The deck outside my bedroom is almost done. Can’t wait to use it. Ah, morning coffee and singing birds. Peace.
  • I need a car. Enough said. *sigh*
  • I finished reading the Davinci Code. It was very good. All of the furor over this book is very interesting.
  • Joined Netflix for 2 weeks free. Free is a great price! I am FINALLY going to watch Logan’s Run. :~}

Keep in touch. I really need to update this journal more often.

Love to all.

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