Since we moved into our new home I have been planning to landscape the backyard and cultivate a garden. I finally found the Gazebo that is the perfect fit for the exotic vision in my head. Picture coming soon!

The gazebo will be decorated multi-cultural exotic style with curtains in rich colors, carpet, sitting pillows, papasan chairs and lots of touches that will make it the ultimate outdoor ‘room’ for relaxing at the end of a day at work or sipping cuba libre with friends.

The garden will contain things like: lavender, mint, basil and white sage. We have picked out some hearty yet very pretty plants to add to our design as well.

I will post before and after pictures mid September. Our deadline is Oct. 2nd to have some major things done. We are having a Harvest Housewarming on that day at 5PM , and if you got an email about this post and are on the left coast, you are invited to join us.

One thing that making the choices and taking the time to get ones hands dirty does is make you think of all of the ways to cultivate the garden inside. How am I working to create the garden I want inside my self. What are the elements I need to gather and help to grow?

Finishing school and getting my Master’s in Public Health? Getting myself ready mentally and intellectually to get back into working with youth? Taking the opportunity of my current job to get skills and experiences that will inform my future choices and options? Constantly working on personal growth and nourishing my friendships with those I love and care about?

It is all of these things and just like a red strawberry waiting patiently in the field, I am ripe for this now…as a woman of sage wisdom recently told me.

I will be posting here more often, to remind myself that in cultivating the gardens inside and out, one of my goals is to share what blossoms.

Autumn is my favorite season. I will be dedicating the outside garden and revitalizing the inside garden on the first day of Autumn, September 23rd.


*Southern Hemisphere Date: March 21st
*Northern Hemisphere Date: September 23rd
*Origins: Pronounced May-bon, it is named after a Welsh fertility God, Mabon, and marks the Autumn Equinox.

It is a time when night and day are equal in length again and when the harvest is nearing completion. The God nears his death and the Goddess prepares for his rebirth. The bounty of the harvest is celebrated in wine festivals, knowing that soon Winter will bring uncertainty.

A Mabon Poem


© Angel Shultz 2004

The ripened grains, the squash and corn
And all the fruits that fill the Horn
Are only part of what was sown
before the Sun’s full strength had grown
He shined His face upon my life
A simple priestess, woman, and wife.
And with His light from up above
He watched me grow in light and love.
The Sun is waning now, it seems,
But all the gifts He’s given me.
Will stay with me, as did the Sun
And I’ll take each new day as it comes.
Goddess, may I always see
The blessings that you’ve given me.
My friends, my family, and my faith
Have seen me through some trying days.
We’ve had joyous times as well it’s true
And for these blessings, I thank you.

Mull some cider, rake the leaves and bake an apple pie.


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