I have made it back from the conference safe and mostly sane. As usual the 12 days of conference were hectic and taxing. There were moments of clarity and moments that I have already erased from memory. My bonds with some grew stronger and I met new friends.

Venus was in retrograde, meanwhile Summer has begun. People watching was at a premium, as were warm smiles and kind words.

We all balanced the hard work with soft fun and danced 3 nights away. The 50s themed Monday Night Event could not have been better. From the dance contest to the amazing Cosmos(story for another day) it was tre fab. I have to vote for purple poodle skirts to qualify as business casual from this day forward. *L*

Pettito’s Bakery in South Philly makes the only cannoli to rival La Fiorentina in Spfld., MA. Hmmm…I wonder if they ship cross country? yum!

On another note…how many fabulous steaks can one eat? As we ate our way through Philly, I was reminded that food is an art and Philly is full of supreme artistes.

Unfortunatley I caught a cold just before we left and have to nurse my aching bones and head. My ears did not “pop” on the plane…man-o-man was that painfull.

I am glad to be HOME. Glad to be back in my own bed. Glad to be off for a few more days. Glad to get to travel and enjoy my work. Glad for the people I met. Glad for the food I got to eat…and glad for lasting memories.

Lesson learned: Savor special moments.

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